Saturday, September 14, 2013

Updating Beaglebone black out of the box using ethernet and ssh seems to run into problems with opkg update; opkg upgrade step.

Steps to reproduce:

  1.  Get a brand new Beaglebone black out of the box
  2. Upgrade the image to the 06-20-2013 image using an MMC card
  3. rebooted Beaglebone connected via Ethernet
  4. ssh'ed into the Beaglebone black
  5. ran "opkg update", everything ok
  6. did "opkg upgrade", things work for a while and then you get
    Downloading bad address ''Downloading bad address ''Downloading bad address ''Downloading bad address ''
Steps to fix:

My quick hack is to edit /etc/hosts and add in the IP address of
So, my /etc/hosts file now looks like

root@beaglebone:~# cd /etc
root@beaglebone:/etc# vi hosts
root@beaglebone:/etc# cat hosts       localhost.localdomain           localhost beaglebone
Now, opkg upgrade seems to work fine.

Please note that this is a HACK.  Please remove the line from your /etc/hosts after the upgrade is done.


The upgrade finished, but had lots of errors of not enough space, and then it dropped the ssh connection.  Rebooting it and attempting to restart opkg upgrade fails.

I'm beginning to think the correct way is to avoid opkg upgrade, or as put it:

'opkg upgrade'

Fix: Do not run this command or else Bad Things Will Happen.

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